Like you, I am an independent nurse provider. My name is Shawana Bonner, and I founded and direct administrative services for RN Nursing Supervisory Services LLC. We are a home health care case management company and consultant for Ohio Medicaid Non-Agency Independent Nurses.

In 2012, RN Nursing Supervisory Services, a Dayton Ohio based company, was founded. We specialize in supervising Independent Licensed Practical Nurses, case management, training, and trade development services for independent nurses that deliver home health and community-based care.

As a consultant, RN Nursing Supervisory Services prides its self on being a well-rounded company, offering an extensive background in the development and evaluation of clinical notes and care plans (POC 485) to deliver quality, effective management in compliance with state regulations and standards. We provide consulting services for independent nurses and RN supervisors in areas of compliance, self-development, business development, assessments, and educational programs.