At the forefront of supervising Non-Agency Independent Nurses for Medicaid’s waiver and managed care programs since 2012, RN Nursing Supervisory Services is an individually owned and operated full-service agency.

We understand that it can be difficult without professional resources and assistance. Our focus is on encouraging professional development and increasing awareness. As Independent Nurses strive to achieve performance excellence, it is essential to comply with Ohio’s laws and regulations that pertain to the independent home health care profession. RN Nursing Supervisory Services strive to always provide clients with important information, services, and products about maintaining state compliance.


RN Nursing Supervisory Services is a leading supervisory and consultant service based in Franklin, Ohio. We have been effectively meeting the needs of Medicaid’s Ohio Homecare Independent Nurses since 2012.

When it comes to documentation, forms for nursing and other requirements, we have the experience and training to address the diverse needs of you and your clients. We offer worry free timely services. We are always professional and dedicated. Not only do we offer Supervision and case management, we offer a wide range of other services.

Just to name a few:

  1. RN Supervisory Workshops (learn how to supervisor independent LPN; learn how to grow your business; learn state regulations)
  2. Educational Workshops for all nurses (how to become an independent provider, organization skills, compliance with the OAC, understanding the All Service Plan (Person Centered Plan), and more
  3. POC 485 MANAGEMENT: we can create and/or manage the POC 485 (Plan of Care)
  4. Customized clinical documents
  5. Assistance with billing and support with denied claims
  6. Referral to clients that are conducive to your experience and skill level
  7. Structural Review preparation
  8. Post Structural Review assistance with the Plan of Correction process
  9. Advising and solutions for homecare related issues (i.e. discrepancies, investigations, ect.)
  10. Mentoring and much more

Need help deciding what’s best for you, Contact us for a consultation.